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What is Bike Insurance in Lebanon?

In Lebanon, bike insurance provides coverage for motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles.

If you are a bike owner in Lebanon, then it is mandatory to have bike insurance for you  to ride on the roads of Lebanon. A bike insurance policy offers coverage against any damages caused to the bike and/or the riders due to an unfortunate event such as a road accident, natural disaster, theft or loss of the vehicle. 

It also provides coverage against third-party liabilities that may arise due to any injury to one or more individuals in the accident.

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Types of Bike Insurance in Lebanon

Third-party liability

Third-party liability insurance is the minimum cover that is mandatory as per law in Lebanon. It covers the costs of damage, injury or loss to the aggrieved third party arising during the use of the policyholder's vehicle. A third-party cover does not provide protection against damage to the insured vehicle.

Personal Accident Cover

This is an additional coverage option that provides financial protection to the rider and sometimes passengers in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury or death. It offers compensation for medical expenses, disablement, or loss of life due to accidents while riding the insured motorcycle

Comprehensive insurance

True to its name, comprehensive insurance provides all-rounded coverage and is the highest level of an all-inclusive bike insurance policy. Under this policy, the policyholder is covered against any damage or injury caused during an accident, accrued third party liability during an accident, overturning, burglary, external explosion, and other malicious acts, unless specifically excluded.

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Benefits of Bike Insurance in Lebanon

Buying bike insurance in Lebanon is not just for legal purposes, it’s also for your bike’s safety. Here are some benefits of having bike insurance in Lebanon:

Reduces financial stress

When you spend your hard-earned money on anything, make sure it gets maximum protection. If there is any damage to your bike or it is lost, it will be a financial as well as an emotionally stressful time for you. With the right kind of bike insurance, you can reduce financial stress on yourself.

Expanded coverage

It is totally up to you which insurance policy you choose for your bike. The three major types of bike insurance policies are – third party liability, comprehensive, and fleet bike insurance.

Instant policy

When you buy a bike insurance policy from BuyAnyInsurance, you will get the policy in your inbox in a few clicks

Easy purchase and online renewal

Easily compare different policies online and purchase what suits your requirements and budget.

Easy No-claims Bonus Transfer

If you purchase a new bike, the bike insurance company enables the facility to transfer your no-claim bonus. Keep in mind that a no-claim bonus is always offered to the vehicle owner and not the vehicle.

Additional Covers for Bike Insurance in Lebanon

You can add additional covers to your base policy at a slightly extra premium. These covers offered include:

Agency repair cover

Agency repair cover is when the agency which manufactured the bike is going to repair the damages in its own workshops. For example - if you have a Yamaha bike, you can get it repaired in a Yamaha workshop as part of this cover.

So we can say that the agency repair cover is related to the bike manufacturing company and not the insurance service provider. If the policyholder doesn’t have this insurance cover, they would have to get the damages repaired in a workshop that’s partnered with the insurance companies.

Fire and theft cover

Any losses occurred due to theft or an accidental fire can be claimed as part of this additional bike insurance cover.

Geographical extension cover

Most general bike insurance policies are valid only within Lebanon. But with the geographical extension cover, you can extend it beyond the geographical limits including various other regions.

24-hour accident and breakdown recovery cover

You can avail of an additional cover for 24-hour accident and breakdown recovery for your bike. It may include - accident recovery, towing services, flat tire replacement, vehicle assistance in case of a dead battery, and emergency fuel delivery.

Cover against civil disorders and natural disasters

This covers any damage caused to your bike due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. or due to civil unrest.

Documents You Need to Buy or Renew Bike Insurance in Lebanon

Purchasing Bike insurance with BuyAnyInsurance is a matter of a few clicks or a free phone call. The documents required are:

  • Identification Proof; Valid ID card or passport
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Previous Insurance Policy if you are renewing,

Some insurance companies might require more documents like proof of address etc. But in most cases, these are the basic documents you will need.

How to File a Claim in Lebanon in Case of an Accident?

Filing a claim is a two-part process. Both the policyholder and the insurance provider must do their part. When you buy with BuyAnyInsurance, all you need to do is contact our bike insurance experts at 01 481 565, who shall assist you in processing your claim.

However, finding most of the evidence for the claim is the policyholder’s responsibility. Follow these easy steps

  • File a police report

    The first thing you should do after an accident is to immediately call the police. You need to have a police report attached to your claim, so it's best to get the authorities involved as early as possible. The police report gives a clear and unbiased account of the collision and can go heavily in your favor during the claims process.
  • Take photographs

    If you aren't heavily injured and have taken care of your co-passengers, you should take photographs that prove the damage to your bike. It would help if you also took photographs of your surroundings to map out the collision's situation.
  • Inform your insurer or call BuyAnyInsurance

    Having your insurance provider in the loop is also imperative because they can help you collect information about the claim. They can advise which documents and evidence they need so you can arrange them accordingly.
  • Don't accept any settlements

    Do not, under any circumstances, accept an offer from any party or sign any waivers without consulting your lawyer or your insurance provider. There are chances you might be given a lower settlement than you deserve.
  • Save all receipts and documents

    When you submit your claim with the insurance provider, ensure you have all the receipts, from towing to repair to medical expenses. All the receipts and documents are crucial to determine the amount of money you paid and what needs to be compensated, so keep them safe.
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How can I get the best bike insurance online in Lebanon?

You can get the best bike insurance by making an online insurance premium comparison through BuyAnyInsurance and get the best ...
You can get the best bike insurance by making an online insurance premium comparison through BuyAnyInsurance and get the best estimated cost through an insurance calculator.

How is bike insurance premium calculated?

The cost of the bike and type of bike sums to the premium amount paid against your bike insurance. Factors such as age, claims, ...
The cost of the bike and type of bike sums to the premium amount paid against your bike insurance. Factors such as age, claims, history of the applicant are also taken into consideration.

Is the premium higher for luxury and sports bikes?

Since the risk of accident and theft is higher with luxury and sports bikes, it is slightly more expensive to insure them as ...
Since the risk of accident and theft is higher with luxury and sports bikes, it is slightly more expensive to insure them as compared to a regular bike.

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