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What Are The Essential Documents Required For Car Insurance?

Written by Wasim

Car Insurance Documents Dubai

Car insurance is mandatory in UAE; all drivers must have valid insurance to avoid fines. It is also vital since your car is covered against unavoidable circumstances such as theft, accident, and other damages to your vehicle. In the UAE, a car insurance policy is a must-have document. But do you know what documents you need to buy car insurance?
Purchasing or making adjustments to the car insurance doesn’t require you to learn complicated things, but you may need to know what documents you need to avoid confusion. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down the materials you’ll need when purchasing car insurance:

Driver’s License

A valid driver license is a must, and a copy of the licenses of your family members who’ll be driving the vehicles you hope to ensure is also needed.

Vehicle Registration

You need a valid copy of the car registration of the car you’d like to insure. If you want to get a homeownership discount, bring proof of home ownership, which can come from tax documents or a homeowner insurance policy.

Current Declaration Page

The present Declaration page is essential if you already have a car insurance policy and looking to get a quote for a new one. It helps the insurers in finding what coverage you currently have on your car and give a quote accordingly. In some cases, insurers will only ask for this document as they can fetch other details from your prior insurance histories.

Documents for Any Change In the Insurance Coverage

Adding New Vehicle/Person

If you are looking to add a new person, bring his/her driving license; and bring the registration document if any vehicles being added. Also, consider bringing the insurance policy to see compliance with the required coverage.

Policy Cancellation

In most cases, insurance providers do not cancel the policy unless proof of replacement is shown. The laws on vehicles probably restrict them to do so. However, bring proof of replacement coverage when you want to cancel a policy. As long as you have got a plan with you, no one will question, but in other cases, insurers want to know why you wish to cancel your policy so they can find ways to meet your needs.

The Other (Easy) Way

Little preparation always goes a long way when buying new insurance or only making changes to the old one. Besides these tips, you can also check with the broker about the documents you need. However, with the new online marketplaces, it has become easier for anyone to buy car insurance. The digitization is leaving the traditional ways of getting car insurance.
You need to fill the necessary information, share your documents, and get your policy delivered.

Originally published Jun 11, 2019 13:34:37 PM, updated Jun 19, 2019

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